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When Luke McGowan, a struggling freelance journalist, is commissioned to write a lucrative magazine article by an eccentric hotel owner, he thinks his luck has finally changed.


But when the hotel owner's daughter, Lena, asks Luke to help find her missing kid brother, Luke quickly finds himself drawn into a world of Satanic ritual, secret sects and human sacrifice.



Beautiful! A tenacious writer! 


Geoff Thompson: BAFTA Short film award winner 2002

(Brown Paper Bag)



A very talented, intense writer


Celia Rees: Bloomsbury



Adventure, danger, seduction, passion, criminal intent...all that is packed in a neat little book, The

Thief's Son. It was the title that first grabbed my attention and, wow, I was not disappointed when I

started reading. The story raced by, the pace was incredible, the characters alive, the plot fresh and

original. A very promising experience, a heart-pounding thrill ride. 


IC Camilleri - Bestselling Author 


(The Blake's Curse)



This book took me deep into a world of danger and adventure. It is a real life look into the

gritty,underworld of Colombia. The character's came alive for me. I found myself drawn into the mystery and intrigue of the son's relationship with his father and the father's obsession with the next big deal. I couldn't stop reading until it was finished. The book left me just as obsessed with the next adventure as Jack Loche is. I highly recommend this book


Lisa Crowe: Editor -  



I downloaded this book yesterday; I finished it today. That in itself is as good as any positive review. The characters are well written, even sideline characters such as Brendan the Gypsy leap off the page. From Bethnal Green to Sevilla Columbia this fast-paced thriller really works! 


Ian Thompson - Reader



I bought this book because my friend recommended it to me. I read it in 3 days, a few hours each

evening. Really enjoyed it, the author really describes the action well. If you are looking for a read that will set your imagination alight, this is the one. 


Maurice O'Connell - Reader





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indie author thriller writer
indie author thriller writer