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The Thief's Son is a fast-paced mystery thriller about a young photo-journalist, Sam Locke, who stumbles upon his estranged criminal father while on assignment in Colombia. Jack Locke, Sam's father, fled Europe during the eighties to set up his own kidnapping ring in South America. During his assignment, Sam finds himself kidnapped by the same men who now work on behalf of his father.

The Thief's Son revolves around Sam and Jack's explosive relationship, their constant battles against the local drug cartel and Sam's steamy affair with Maria, the girlfriend of the cartel's psychotic boss. Jack, Maria and Sam quickly form an unlikely but strong bond and together, with the odds firmly stacked against them, they plan their escape from small-town Colombia.

 The Thief's Son






indie author thriller writer

The Folly and Other Tales


A vivid collection of horror tales which span the centuries and inhabit the darkest corners of the globe.


From the dimly lit backstreets of Varna, Bulgaria, to the distant shores of Far East Java, 'The Folly and Other Tales' will take you to new, unexpected and terrifying destinations!


The Devil's Blue Eyes

When Luke McGowan, a struggling freelance journalist, is commissioned to write a lucrative magazine article by an eccentric hotel owner, he thinks his luck has finally changed.


But when the hotel owner's daughter, Lena, asks Luke to help trace her missing kid brother, Luke quickly finds himself drawn into a world of Satanic ritual, secret sects and human sacrifice.

The Last Reservation

Harry Williams has spent his life fighting foreign wars as a soldier of fortune. Having left the battlefields and conflict zones for a suburban security job in London, Harry has quickly tired of civilian life.

So when his boss offers him the opportunity to work on a private wildlife reservation set deep within the English countryside, Harry jumps at the chance. But the Fensterheim wildlife reserve isn't quite what it seems.

Charles Fensterheim, a once eccentric and obsessive cryptozoologist, has left behind many secrets. During the first few days of his stay, Harry uncovers a secret reservation which lies deep within the estate's vast lakes and woods. It isn't long before the ex-mercenary finds himself fighting a new battle, a conflict where demons, Pagan Gods and exotic beasts run wild.