Black Coppice Films

Welcome to Black Coppice Films. Our core mission is to produce intelligent, engaging and well-written horror pictures. We aim to create a new and exciting stable of great British Horror productions.

The Films

She Summoned Him 

She Summoned Him is a psychological horror film about a female journalist who is investigating the haunting of a local hotel. As she begins to interview one of the hotel’s guests it soon becomes clear the interviewee has been keeping a dreadful secret.

We are true indie filmmakers. All donations help us to create first-class horror and thriller productions. 


Your kind donations help us with the following: 


  1. Lights

  2. Cameras

  3. Location Fees

  4. Festival Fees

  5. Editing 

  6. Sound

  7. Marketing 


In return for your kind donations, we will invite you to our exclusive post-production party in central London. You'll also get a shout out across our vast social media channels. Thank you so much!