The Thief's Son Campaign Page.

Thank you for visiting this page! My first novel The Thief's Son became a Kindle bestseller for a total of 6 months. I'm about to relaunch the book and my aim is to get it back into the bestseller charts!


I began writing The Thief's Son back in 2004 while I was travelling through Eastern Europe. I've always loved fast-paced mystery thrillers and I wanted to experience my own adventures first before I began to put pen to paper.


I firmly believe in writing what you know about. So if I was going to write a great mystery thriller then I had to experience a little adventure for myself!


I subsequently travelled across Eastern Europe and the Far East. I met lots of weird and wild characters who eventually made it into my work as larger-than-life characters. 


With your kind donations I'll be able to do the following:



Run a world-class social media campaign. 


Embark on a national and international book tour.


Create great videos. 


Submit my work to a variety of top book promotion sites. 


Build strong working relationships with editors and media professionals.